Instructions for Authors

Manuscripts from both oral and poster presentations will be published open-access in the online proceedings after the symposium. Manuscripts must be delivered to the organizers via electronic submission no later than 1 October 2021.

Manuscript template

For lay-out of manuscripts, authors must follow one of the following templates available for download below:

Formatting instructions are given in the default template text. The manuscripts of the invited speakers are limited to 12 pages including figures. Contributed papers (including poster presentations) are restricted to 8 pages including the figures.

All references should be in formatted as indicated in the manuscript template and DOIs should be provided for each reference when available.

Manuscript submission

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically in two copies:

  • One copy in .docx or .tex format, corresponding to one of the above templates
  • One copy in .pdf format, where total page length does not exceed 8 pages (12 pages for invited contributions)

All figure files must also be provided separately.

For all manuscripts submitted in .tex format, bibliography files must also be provided if references have not been included in the .tex file.

Manuscripts must be submitted from the Manuscript Submission page.

Poster guidelines

Poster format must be portrait/vertical (max. 1.57 m high and 1.15 m wide). Possibility for mains connection (230 V AC).

Here are a few poster formatting tips:

  • The outline of the posters should be kept simple and clear. Vertical columns are preferable to a horizontal row format.
  • The text should be as concise as possible but sufficient such that the poster is self-explanatory. Complex details should be left for discussion during the poster session.
  • Figures and tables should be accompanied by an explanatory caption, clearly labeled with a number sequence following the order in which they appear on the poster, and referenced to in the poster text. Graphs should be kept as minimalistic as possible so that they illustrate a specific point and are devoid of redundant information.
  • Section headings should be kept simple (e.g., “Introduction”, “Methods”, “Results”, “Discussion”, etc.). The abstract can be left out of the poster.
  • Font sizes should be large enough so that they are readable from a distance of 1 to 2.5 meters. Appropriate font size values are about 96 pt (title), 48 pt (headings), and 24 pt (regular text, table contents, figure labels, captions, legends, etc.). Please use lower case whenever possible.